About Us

About Us

We are small organization,We try our best to deliver the item in a minimum cost.Ever family wants Fresh And Healthy food,Our main Aim is to deliver the same to every house.if you want to contact or meet any of our member then you can click the picture below.

Dilip Pandey

Co Founder

Indra Pathak

Shop Handeler


Web Designer

Process to order

The Order Placed After our service time will be Kept as Hold. If the Order is Placed after 11am,that order is kept as Hold and asked to deliver after 4pm, you can Accept or reject it. and ordered Placed after 7pm will be asked tomorrow similarly.

Process of Delivery

The order is delivered a few hour latter after the Order is placed. You can Place an Order anytime but We manage Shipping as mention above.

Process of Payment

At Present we only Accept Cash

Our Helpline Number: 6003490958